Friday, 1 February 2013

After Hours & Meet the Team

So, it's been a busy week as the VERVE team settle into their new roles, phone calls have been made, meetings arranged and real progress made. On Wednesday we hosted our first ever After Hours event, focussing on South and Central America and seventy people ventured into the Museum after the sun went down.

After Hours events will happen each month. It's your chance to enjoy the Museum of an evening, away from the hordes, and you'll also be able to take advantage of a free, themed programme such as talks, music, or screenings (and, as it's the Pitt Rivers, tea and biscuits) or you can simply enjoy the Museum at your own pace.

Next month's will be on Wednesday 20 Feb with a theme of Performance and Masquerade
See the website for more details.

Fig Roll Anyone?

It's also good to put name to a face so let's introduce you to the team...

I'm Maya - the new VERVE Project Activities and Outreach Officer. Previously an Education Officer at Science Oxford, I have experience running design and technology related workshops and activities and make stained glass and mosaic art as a hobby, so am a great fan of all things craft-related! We're kicking off the outreach element of the project with the creation of a Pitt Rivers pop-up tent which will be designed and customised in time for the festival season starting in May. More details to follow so watch this space!

GRRR - I'm Nicky, I'm the VERVE Volunteers Manager. I've worked at the Pitt Rivers Museum as Executive Research Assistant for the past 3 years. Before that I was an Interpretation Officer at the Museum of Reading and before that I worked at the Museum of the Terracotta Warriors in China as an Interpretation Officer. I'm looking forward to welcoming new volunteers to take part in our exciting range of activities and offering them the support needed to ensure they have a great experience at the Pitt Rivers. 

If you are reading this and are thinking "I'd like to volunteer" then why not send me a quick email.

I'm Drew - the new VERVE project Communications Officer. I've previously done all kinds of things, from organising and promoting music festivals, to starting and running underground an supper club as well as running a small PR & Marketing agency my personal job highlight has to be being santa for a weekend. (ahem - I mean santa's helper). Looking for a new challenge, and being a regular visitor to 'The Pitt' I'm really excited about being here, and even more excited about what's happening in and out of museum over the coming year. Outside of work I love drinking coffee, walking my puppy and buying (too much) vinyl.

And finally, I'm Helen, the VERVE Project Curator / Engagement Officer. I've been lucky enough to work at the Pitt Rivers for six years and every time I tell people where I work it makes feel all warm and glowy inside when they say how much they love the Museum. My research and interpretation work has been varied, from putting together new displays of guns and Aboriginal art, to writing audio tour scripts, setting up social media initiatives and going out to film artists and experts. I've long wanted to work in the cultural sector and spent a good few years juggling studying, volunteering and waitressing. After a lucky break at the V&A, I wound up at the Pitt, my favourite childhood museum. I'm really excited about VERVE and all the things we're going to achieve - new resources, new activities, new audiences - a new era for the Museum. When I'm not here I enjoy the outdoors, pubs, soppy films, and singing loudly and badly in my little yellow car.

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